Crown 9700

Emperor 7200

Sovereign 10700

Monarch 8200

Consort 3700

President 6200

Double Deluxe 21400

Double Deluxe 13600

Double Deluxe 9600

Double Deluxe 5900

Classique 13750

Classique 16750

Classique 19400

Classique 24400

Andalucia Headboard - Deep

Deco Headboard - Deep

Deco Headboard - Strut

Escher Headboard - Deep

Henley Headboard - Deep

Liberty Headboard - Deep

Mackintosh Headboard - Deep

Mackintosh Headboard - Strut

Morris Headboard - Deep

Morris Headboard - Strut

Nouveau Headboard - Deep

Orient Headboard - Strut

Rosenthal Headboard

Sanderson Headboard - Deep

Seville Headboard - Strut

Sonnet Headboard - Strut


Handmade in Britain

A good night’s sleep doesn’t happen by accident and at Harrison, there are no shortcuts to quality. We carefully select the finest natural fillings for our luxury mattresses, so it is only right that the same attention to detail goes into our British craftsmanship.


About Harrison

Our beds don’t start out life in a factory, but on a 300-acre farm in North Yorkshire. Here we rear sheep for their wool and grow the fibres that go into our mattress fillings.


10 year guarantee

To give you further peace of mind, Harrison mattresses and divans carry a 10 year FULL guarantee from the date of purchase.



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